It’s Time for a Spring Lawn Care Clean Up


Spring is a time to make everything look new again – including your lawn. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and your lawn is ready for a spring clean up. Proper lawn maintenance won’t just make your property look nicer, but it will help your grass and plants grow better.

Where to Start

Winter can wear down your lawn. A good spring clean up can help revitalize it and make the entire landscape look fresh again. So where should you begin? Start with a thorough raking. Clean up any debris (like paper, cardboard and other loose garbage), as well as leaves, limbs, sticks and dirt piles. You may even notice some salt leftover from winter pavement maintenance. Be sure to clean that up too since it can damage your grass. Once the debris has been cleared, you can use a bagging lawnmower to suck up smaller bits of grass, leaves and leftover clippings.

Pruning is Important

Once you have cleaned up any winter grunge, it is time to begin pruning back trees and shrubs. Even though it may not be time for new plantings yet, a simple sprucing will make the entire yard look more appealing.

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Lawn Maintenance

Before the warmer weather arrives and your grass begins to grow, be sure to do a little maintenance. By taking the time in early spring to get your lawn ready for the next season, you will ensure that your grass grows thick and green.

So, what types of maintenance projects should you tackle? Here are a few important lawn maintenance tips to help bring your lawn back to life:

  • Aerate – Aerating your lawn in the spring will help bolster root growth and allow air, fertilizer and water to penetrate deep into the root system. This will help create a luscious lawn come summer.
  • Remove dandelions and weeds – Spring is a good time to remove these grass killers. Otherwise, you risk them going to seed and creating a problem you will have to deal with all summer long.
  • Fertilize – Fertilizing your lawn before the first cut will help to give it the nutrients it needs.
  • Check your irrigation system – The best time to check for leaks or other problems is before your grass depends on that water.
  • Add some seedling – Look for spots and treat with some quality seed. This will help boost new growth and fill in those bare spots in your lawn.

Get Professional Help

Don’t have time to deal with springtime lawn maintenance? The experts at Meyers Green Services are ready to lend a hand. Available to handle your basic lawn needs, the crew at Meyer’s is now offering a spring special – 10% off a prepaid five applications fertilizer service. Contact us today for details.

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