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Meyers Landscape Services offers a complete design and build service, from initial concept to completed project. We take care of a broad range of public, private and corporate clients who all can attest to our superior ability of providing creative designs, the highest quality plants and materials, and expert workmanship. Our landscapes demonstrate a consistently thorough ability to transform the aspirations of our clients into beautifully rich, inviting, and active spaces.

Meyers Landscape Services has been at the forefront of landscape services for over a decade. At Meyers Landscape Services, we don’t measure ourselves against other companies. Instead, we try to set the standard, to be the model of how a landscape company should serve you.

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Your Guide To Defeating Crabgrass

Crabgrass is one of the most hated and feared lawn weed pests, yet most homeowners aren't quite sure where it comes from or how to fight it despite being able to recognize it. Even if [...]

When Winters are Mild, the Grubs Go Wild

Mild winters may seem like a pleasant enough break from the usual cycle of freezing temperatures and gray skies, but there's a pest lurking under the ground that also loves warm temperatures. Cold and frosty [...]

Do I Need to Fertilize My Trees and Shrubs?

You take lawn care very seriously. You mow, trim and rake. But, you notice that some of your shrubs and trees seem to grow more slowly than they should, or they feature yellowed or dwarf-sized [...]

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