How to Edge Your Lawn for a Manicured Look


You work hard to maintain your lawn. You mow, trim and fertilize regularly. But, what about those edges? Make your lawn stand out with the perfect edging. Offering a way to create a more manicured look, edging helps to maintain growth while making your entire lawn look beautiful.

When is the Best Time to Edge Your Lawn?

Edging is an important step to creating the right look for your landscaping. But don’t worry, it isn’t a task that must be done every time you mow. During most of the mowing season, you will only have to edge around walkways, driveways and patios every second or third mow. Keep an eye out for overgrowth though. Once you begin to see stray blades taking over those smooth edges, it is time for a trim.

Keep in mind that early season edging may be needed more often. Springtime rains make grass grow faster, making it necessary to mow (and edge) more often. Depending on how fast your lawn grows, you may need to consider edging every week through April and part of May. But don’t worry, once the warmer, drier summer weather arrives, you should only need to edge about once a month.

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How Will Fertilization Affect My Edging Schedule?

Your lawn needs proper care and nutrition in order to grow lush and green. Regular fertilization helps to give it the nutrients it needs. Of course, a healthy lawn is going to grow more, and that will mean more mowing, and yes, more edging. Still, fertilizing your grass shouldn’t make it grow so much that you spend more time edging than your neighbors. Most of your fertilizing will happen in the spring when grass is growing its fastest. So don’t forgo good fertilization simply to control grass growth. It really isn’t going to alter your edging schedule all that much.

Stay Safe

Adding edging to your lawn care to-do list isn’t difficult. Still, it is important to adopt good safety habits when working with any power equipment. Trimmers and edgers can throw debris, so be sure to wear protective eyewear when doing lawn work. Work gloves are also important and don’t forget to wear headphones or other ear protection when working with noisy tools.

Also, consider the weather when working outdoors. Avoid working in the direct sun between 10 AM to 4 PM. Make sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Hire a Professional

Taking care of your yard isn’t hard, but it can be time-consuming. Make sure the job is done right by bringing in a professional crew from Meyers Green Services. Ready to handle all of your mowing, fertilizing and trimming needs, Meyers offers complete landscaping services. Call now and receive 10% off any pre-paid Lawn Fertilization Program service.

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